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Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding in Hawaii is easier than you think!

Destination weddings are increasingly popular because, when compared to the cost of a traditional wedding, they represent a very good value. Consider the fact that the average wedding in your home town is over $20,000 - now imagine combining your wedding and honeymoon into one wonderful celebration in Hawaii, and you'll see our point!

Even more appealing is the fact that, when you exchange your vows in Hawaii, the typical stress and expectations associated with a traditional wedding are minimized.

  • Do you want to be married barefoot on the beach? Then do it!
  • Do you want your groomsmen to wear aloha shirts? They can!
  • Do you want to be married in a circle of tropical flowers? Absolutely!
  • Do you want to exchange your vows in a seaside chapel? You can do that too!
  • Do you want to attend a Luau for your reception? A perfect Hawaiian choice!

The bottom line is, you can do whatever you like...it's your wedding...it's Hawaii...and just about anything goes!

How Hawaiian Honeymoons Can Help You

The last thing you need is to field travel questions for your family and friends in addition to planning your wedding. Hawaiian Honeymoons will handle that for you! We will make travel arrangements for your guests to join your celebration in Hawaii, and you just may be surprised by the number of guests who jump at the chance to join you!

We have a wonderful FREE service ... customized wedding flyers!

We will create a "sample package flyer" unique to your destination wedding, which can be distributed to your guest list. The flyer will detail the approximate cost of 5 night packages for your guests to attend your wedding. Because not everyone has the same budget, we're always sure to include a minimum of 3 accommodation choices so your guests will have some options. And, to allow your guests maximum flexibility, all packages are fully customizable.

Our customized "sample package flyers" serve several purposes...

  • They tell your guests, at a glance, that attending your wedding is more affordable than they imagined

  • By offering accommodation choices located near one another, your guests are "nestled" in the same general area of the island, which is convenient for wedding activities

  • You are not placed in the position of answering travel questions, your guests simply call Hawaiian Honeymoons to make their arrangements

Destination Wedding Sample Flyer

To view an example of a "sample package flyer" click here
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it

So, where should you begin?

Call Hawaiian Honeymoons for a free destination wedding consultation
It's toll free 1-877-474-2052

We will need to know some details such as your expected wedding date, number of guests and so on, and if you just don't know yet - call anyway, we're helpful and friendly and will offer suggestions to help you along.

Next - you'll need a wedding planner. While Hawaiian Honeymoons excels at planning travel, the wedding itself is best left to the experts! The Hawaiian wedding planners know all the best wedding locations on their island, and they offer affordable wedding packages starting at about $300.00 for a basic wedding. So, review the information on the right side of this page for links to wedding planners and marriage requirements for the state of Hawaii.

Finally- relax, take deep a breath, jump in, and leave the travel details to Hawaiian Honeymoons. We'll get you there!

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Wedding Planners By Island

Hawaiian Honeymoons is in no way affiliated with any of the following wedding planners. This list is provided for the convenience of our clients and is not an endorsement of any wedding planning service, or company.







Traveling Officiant

If you're planning a destination wedding and looking for an Officiant willing to travel to Hawaii to perform your ceremony, consider A Heavenly Ceremony. Award winning officiants located in the Seattle area.